Eco-Friendly Wooden Yoga Block

Eco-Friendly Wooden Yoga Block


OMSutra's  Bamboo / Teak practice blocks are hollow, rich brown in color, with growth, rings clearly visible in each block unique and inscribed beautifully with OM. They are just as stable and functional as any other wood blocks, but extremely durable and indestructible yet lightweight and much more eco-friendly. 

Treat yourself to this luxuriously smooth natural and free from toxins prop for your yoga practice.

The edges on all blocks are beveled for added comfort. The natural grain and color vary from block to block. Smooth, surface and Corners are rounded over well sanded and finished with two coats of a water-based product that comes in Standard size 4"x6"x9" inches and weight: 2 Lbs.   



    All sales are final. Returns are only accept as an exchange of product and only for defective product with original packaging and tags in tact, and 10 days or less after delivery of product. No exceptions under any circumstances. 

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