Why mfr?

MFR, or myofascial release, has been a buzzword for at least a year or two, if not m

ore. But what is it really and how can it help us? Myofascial Release is the mechanical stimulation of connective tissue to release trigger points and relieve adhesions caused during surgery, injury, aging etc.

That's a mouthful. So, let's break it down further.

What is Fascia?

Connective tissue, fascia, runs throughout the body in multiple layers, wrapping around muscles and joints and creating a structure and source of support that allows the body to hold shape.

Healthy V. Disfunctional Fascia

Healthy tissue is well hydrated and a bit elastic, allowing muscles to glide past each other for more efficient movement. Dysfunctional tissue can look a bit like snot, gunky and lumpy and sometimes knotted or fuzzy.

Fibrosis due to surgery or injury or simply lacking movement in our body for a period of time can happen despite our best intentions. It is important to know that we are not always directly to blame for unhealthy tissue - some deterioration, stiffness and dehydration comes with age. Aging directly relates to dehydration in tissues. But the saying is true - if we don't 'move it' we 'lose it'. So introducing movement back into stiff tissues is important for continued healthy aging!

Why MFR?

The great thing about MFR is that it gives us a bit of power back. Through the use of therapy rounds, foam rollers, and even hands and fingers we can learn how to manipulate or move the tissue right beneath the skin as well as that surrounding muscle to stimulate and encourage hydration and release bundled fascia or nerves that may have become caught in that bundled fascia. It is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to promote bodily wellness and an extra tool for your kit as a yoga practitioner.

So get rolling and flowing!

I introduce techniques related to healthy myofascia in many of my videos. I'd love to roll, stretch, and flow with you! Tune in and let's care for our amazing bodies together.

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