Removing the Hierarchy.

Some questions to ask yourself when teaching that may shed light and help you reframe some conscious and unconscious habits when teaching ...

1) What samskaras do I bring into the room?

2) Does my energy and my verbal cues create more rules, or offer more liberation?

3) Am I comfortable with allowing a learning curve to exist without my intervention?

4) Why do I teach?

5) Am I willing to mirror my body language in a way that offers sameness : stand when they stand and sit when they sit?

6) Do my cues uphold personal choice?

7) Ego is always with me, but how active is my ego while I teach?

8) What do I believe Yoga is for?

9) Am I willing to listen without offering advice or fixing?

10) Can someone 'mess up' in my presence without my immediate intervention?

None of these questions are meant to be simple or easy to answer, or even have a definitive answer. But starting with where we are and what we're bringing into the room, questioning our assumptions, our OWN fears, recognizing our our thinking/perceptions can influence the energy we bring into the space.

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