Ready to Take Your Show on the road?

Why I believe you should TRAIN in other towns before you lead in other towns ...

I meet a lot of yoga teachers that are a few years in, have led their workshops at their home studios, and they are ready to dip their toe in the waters of training - on the road.

If this is you, HALLELUJAH! We need more bold folks share their goodies. And getting the experience - sometimes stumbling through it - is the only way to master your craft. So absolutely start now, even if you are not ready.

As you begin remember this...

Before you take your training on the road TAKE a training on the road.

Here's why ...

Become a student, again.

One of the first questions I ask teachers who are ready to travel with their training is, "Have YOU personally traveled to take a training?"

It helps you experience what the people who you will lead will experience. The nervousness of being in a new space and seeking for the energetic/informational/educational/spiritual ROI, especially as trainings away from home require a significantly higher financial investment, are areas of edginess that all yoga teachers experience when they arrive for those CEs.

Rather than sitting on the metaphorical mat of one of these students, pony up the cash and actually do it. In my experience I have developed a tremendous amount of empathy for the worries - small and large - that trainees experience, and I have been able to better anticipate and meet the needs of my trainees (as well as understand boundaries, and how to diffuse situations) because of my experience sitting in the seat of the student, traveling to train.

Fall in love with everyone you meet!

If you are sitting on a mat feeling the comparison dragon ready to slay the competition, you gotta wrangle that Ego-monster with some deep breath. The energy of training, especially 'advanced training', can send your mind on a tizzy. When you've step foot on the yoga-as-a-career rock, nurturing a big idea, and infusing life into your awakened business - everything and everyone can feel like a threat.

There are too many people who do what I do!

They are doing it wrong, but everyone is listening to them!

What if she gets her studio open before mine?

I can't handstand like she can, why would anyone want to go to my workshop?

These thoughts are a TRAP! And, it will immediately close you off from what you are meant to learn through the experience. Not to mention, people can 100% sense when you are subconsciously competing with them, and it feels gross.

Or, everyone you meet can feel like a blessing!

When feel the need to armor up, prove wrong, differentiate for the sake of self-preservation, hit PAUSE! Whisper this simple reframe, "Every person in this room is someone I was meant to meet."

Then exhale, and be spacious and gracious.

The Universe is conspiring for your highest good - and theirs!

Then, mind your business.

Once you are on your path every training, every coffee meeting, every plane ticket, every know-it-all moment, every I-know-nothing moment serves your path. Nothing is waste, except for things that pull you away from your heart's mission. And even then there is the lesson of instant forgiveness and starting again.

Minding your business means not allowing the ego to be distracted by evaluating each moment (or person!) for perceived utility, not worrying about what the studio or teacher down the street is teaching, and committing fully to minding yours and only your business.

Do you need help getting your thoughts organized for your training?

Would you like coaching on how to get your solo-business off the ground?

Unsure how to clearly express, and stay committed, to your mission?

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