Monthly Mantra: I intend to live mindfully.

Each Month Adrienne Will Share An Intention or Mantra Practice. This is the first in a series!

The beginning of a new year is a great time to focus on creating abundance in your life and not dwell on what’s “wrong” with you or what you don’t have.

Utilizing a short, positive statement that centers on what you're in control of, is much more effective than spending time on resolutions imply getting somewhere instead of being in the present moment. 2020 proved that the only thing we truly can control in life is how we respond.

We live in a time of chronic stress. With chronic stress, our bodies’ immune system is weakened and our emotional well-being is compromised. However, utilizing coping skills such as mantras, meditation and mindfulness, you can resist and reduce your daily stressors.

How do you intend to live your life?

You have the willpower, determination and internal compass that only you can access. Part of our human nature is that we are driven and goal-oriented. However, if you fall short of our goals, you might believe you failed. Instead of setting expectations, set your intention knowing that everyday, in some way, you can make positive choices that impact how you show up in the world. By living intentionally, you choose to create new neural pathways in your brain.

Priming the mind with a mantra makes it easier for the intention to influence action.

This mantra anchors your thought patterns on ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Bringing awareness to your choices, with forgiving flexibility, offers a higher likelihood of maintaining your path.

This Month's Practice:

  • Find your meditation seat.

  • Tune on a soft song, 5 -10 minutes long with no lyrics, or no music.

  • Let your eyes be soft or closed.

  • For the first few moments focus on slowing down your breath.

  • Once the breath is regular, allow your mind to drift to this phrase and repeated silently or outlaid, "I intend to live mindfully."

Easy Ways to Put Mantra in Action

Start with small, daily decisions that support your health, and can be done mindfully!

Move more!

  • While you’re preparing dinner, add in squats and lunges while you wait for something to finish up cooking.

  • Go for a stroll around your neighborhood

  • Practice sun salutations when you first wake up

  • Take the dogs to the park

Drink plenty of water

  • Each morning, fill up a water bottle and carry with you where ever your go

  • Aim to refill and finish 2-3 bottles a day

  • Add lemon of lime essential oils to your water for some flavor

Get enough rest

  • Wake up and go to bed around the same time each night

  • Set up an evening bedtime routine

  • Turn off your screens at least a half hour before bed

Add veggies to every meal

  • Toss in some spinach or tomatoes with your morning eggs

  • Choose a salad for lunch

  • Make each meal’s food a rainbow of colors

Write in your journal

  • Plan out your to do’s, so each day you will find a little win each time you complete one

  • Journal on each month’s mantra and what you intend to pursue

  • Writing is a wonderful release; especially when there’s something worrying you

Choose healthy snacks

  • Preplan your snacks before your leave the house so you have choices

  • Pick crunchy snacks like carrots, apples, and nuts

  • Instead of chips and dip, have sliced bell peppers and hummus

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