• Molly Hall-Harvey

Molly's Top 5 Favorite Yoga poses

Hello! Molly here, today I want to share my top five favorite yoga poses. I could be honest and say all five favorite poses are simply savasana over and over, but I think a blog post with only two sentences would be rather boring. Let’s get started!

1. Virabhadrasana or Warrior II

Warrior II is a pose that has a lot of nuance to it: back foot has to parallel to the back of the mat, front knee open towards pinky toe, tail bone tucked in, bottom ribs dropped, shoulders down, and gaze toward front middle finger. It’s a lot! I enjoy staying in this pose because there is always something that can be adjusted. My mantra for Warrior II is, “My back hand is in the past. My front hand is in the future. I am connected to my past and look forward to the future but am firmly rooted in the present.”

2. Bakasana or Crow

I’m particularly proud of my crow. I struggle with hand and arm balances, but I can do a mean crow. It took a lot of practice but what made this pose click for me was pulling my feet towards each other, this creates a counterbalance and keeps me from tipping forward.

3. Vrksasana or Tree

Tree is a classic yoga pose. It is probably one of the more recognizable asanas. Tree to me means peace, I could stay in it forever. I like to say over and over to myself, “air above, earth below, fire within.”

4. Lunge Twist with a Quad Stretch

Oh man yogis are obsessed with hamstrings. You can spend an entire class stretching and strengthening your hamstrings. But what about the quads?! Well that is why I adore this pose. It is a juicy stretch, and not in a feel-good way but in a “this is torture but also wonderful” way. Want a little tip? I recommend flexing your back lifted foot as this will intensify the stretch.

5. Ardha Chandrasana or Half moon

This is a pose I have struggled with a lot. I used to loath when it was called in class. But I have found that often the poses we hate or avoid at all costs are actually the ones we need the most. I continued to work, fall, and get back up into Half Moon. Now this pose makes me feel strong and light and I love incorporating it into my practice.

About the Author:

Molly begrudgingly took her first yoga class in college. She stepped on the mat grumpy and annoyed, but sixty minutes later she stepped off a completely refreshed and changed person. Since that fateful first class, Molly has not met a yoga class she didn't like.

Molly brings her relaxed and cheerful personality to all the classes she teaches. She loves to make her students laugh while getting their sweat on. Molly took her RYT 200 through Practice Everywhere and is certified with Yoga Alliance. Come flow with her online with Practice Everywhere. Or if you reside in San Antonio head to Honest Soul Yoga and take a class with her in person.

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