Keep Your Mat Rolled Out

by Alex Strawn

This is 5-step no-nonsense guide to actually getting on your mat, at home.

Your at-home yoga practice probably looks and feels very different than it does under "normal circumstances." Mine certainly does!

Some people are finding that they're able to do more yoga at home now because of so many online options. If that's you- Great! But, if not, don't be hard on yourself. Things are different, but different doesn't have to mean "bad."

I want to share a few tricks that have been helping ME find time on my mat and hopefully one or two may connect with you too!

1) KEEP YOUR MAT ROLLED OUT! Pick a visible spot in your home that you see and walk by often. Your mat cannot be hidden and your practice is not a secret. Do NOT roll your mat back up.

2) SIT ON YOUR MAT! Go to your unrolled mat, and sit there. When my mind says "ugh, I really don't feel like it right now," I just start walking towards my mat. Before I can talk myself out of it, know I need to just sit on my mat and START. 

3) SET A 10-15 MINUTE TIMER. Start small. You may not mentally feel up for an hour class, but start with a 15 minute timer and do a few Sun Salutations and warm up stretches. Maybe you'll surprise yourself and feel like you want to keep going or maybe that's all for now. 

4) PICK THE TIME THAT FEELS BEST Some people say practice should be in the morning. Or that meditation should start our day. But what if that doesn't work for your? Our bodies feel different in the morning, afternoon and evening. Try 10-15 minute blocks of yoga stretches throughout the day and pay attention to how your body wants to move at that time. Move and meditate when it makes sense for you, no on else.

5) LOGIN TO LIVE CLASSES. When you really want to commit to a full class, register for and take a live class. Move your mat into a quite space in your house and put your phone away! Seeing your teacher via zoom makes you feel less alone and practicing in this virtual way with others may be different, but is still COMMUNITY. Keep connecting with your community. We're here for you and love seeing your faces & comments!

Different is just different, not bad. Try to find the positives of practicing in this way and who knows, maybe you'll keep your at-home practice in addition to coming into the studio once we can be back together again!

Much love & positivity,


Alex Strawn is a yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast who blends her expertise and humor to create classes that are as effective as they are enjoyable Yoga and functional movement weave together (along with some pretty rockin' playlists) in a way that invites Alex's students to redefine the role Yoga can play in their lives. Alex allows Yoga to be physical, mental, and emotional self-care, and it also can be a fun release! Alex's kind and compassionate approach, along with her deep well of knowledge, will help you feel safe, empowered, and alive in her classes at Honest Soul Yoga studios or online with Practice Everywhere.

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