• Molly Hall-Harvey

How Did You Find Yoga: Molly’s Journey!

I have always been aware of yoga.

Yoga was something that people on the west coast did.

Yoga was on half the channels before 8am, apparently early morning viewers preferred workouts to cartoons and game shows.

When you reached your hand into the DVD sales bin you had a 60/40 chance of bringing up a Yoga collection, with a teacher sitting in lotus on a beach somewhere. I always had an idea of what Yoga was but until my last year of college, I had never experienced the practice for myself.

The great powers that be of my university deemed a physical education credit was required to graduate. When my senior year rolled around, I could put it off no longer and I picked “Breath and Relaxation”. Which I knew, like it or not, was merely that Baptist college's appropriation term for Yoga.

So I signed up, not because I had profound respect for the ancient practice of Yoga or because I thought I needed 'breath' and 'relaxation'. But because the class sounded like the easy A my dwindling GPA desperately needed.

The first day of the new school year arrived. First class on the docket: Breath and Relaxation. I was one of the last students in the room, which meant I had last pick of the school yoga mats. I grabbed a sad and lonely looking purple mat and made my way to the farthest corner of the room. I snapped open my mat and looked down in horror. Apparently, the university decided a great way to pay for supplies was to have businesses sponsor mats and add their logo.

What did I have? Something cool like a phone or Takis, right?

Wrong, I stared down at a purple and pink logo for tampons. I had the tampon mat.

I was starting the first day of my senior year on the tampon mat…just great. A sing-song voice from the front caused me to drag my eyes away from my new awkward reality of being known as the “tampon mat girl” in my class. The teacher began to discuss what we would be doing for the semester and her expectations. Finally, we were called to stand and our practice began.

We started with a slow pranayama exercise and began to add movement. Like most people I struggle with body image, but for the first time in my life I felt truly beautiful and strong. Our practice was simple and slow. It was nothing but a few Sun Salutations and a balance pose, but I felt reborn.

When savasana closed and the class ended I was stunned. I sat dazed on my tampon mat while everyone else packed up. I stepped on the mat a tired and annoyed student and stepped off a changed person. After that day Yoga (and let's stop renaming it and call it that - Yoga!) became a priority in my life.

And thanks to the sponsored mat I still buy that brand of tampons to this day.

What about you?! Leave a comment telling us your story.

I can’t wait to hear about how you started practicing and found Yoga.

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