Chakra Home Practice

Tips for deepening your practice with oils, sound, and crystals.

About a year ago, I started sequencing my yoga classes around Chakras. Each month, we followed and explored the 7 Chakras, sticking with one Chakra for a month long of deepening and exploration.

In order to activate this subtle body energy system within our physical body, I love finding ways to enliven our senses of touch, sight, sound and smell for a full-body experience. In class, we used essential oils, candlelight, print-outs of mandala drishti focal points and sound mantras to accompany each chakra.

If you would like to add these elements to your home practice, here's a quick guide to reference and accompany my seven 45 minute "Chakra Flow Videos."

What are Chakras?

In Sanskrit, chakra means 'wheel of light'.

Chakras refer to the wheels of energy within the body, and the energy that spins within them is our vital life force.

The 7 major chakras energetically align the spin, starting at the base (root chakra) through the top of the head (crown chakra). Chakras act as a subtle gate or doorway of energy corresponding to our physical body.

In Chakra theory, when our energy is not flowing in a balanced way we can fall into a myriad of problems. When energy is flowing appropriately we feel well align, capable and clear.

What TOOLS can you use at HOME?

Oils: Mix a few drops of essential oil blended with a base oil (coconut or avocado) in a small roller and rub it on your hands/feet/mat during your practice.

Chanting: silently in your head or out-loud use the sound word/ mantra to open and close your practice.

Crystals: Place a crystal on your mat as you practice or hold it in the palm of your hand during savasana.

Color Association: Cut out a small colored piece of paper corresponding with each chakra and place it in front of your mat or on the wall near your mat to use as a drishti/focal point while you practice.

Intuitive Connection: Use the chakras as an energetic guide if you are feeling a little "off," or "too much/too little" of something. Check out below what each chakra "relates to" and take time for the corresponding flow class paired with any/all of the added tools or associations that make sense to your interpretation of the meaning.

What are the 7 CHAKRAS?

1st Chakra = ROOT


Located below the genitals

Relates to: grounding, survival and basic needs

Color: Red

  • Sound or mantra: LAM

  • Crystals: Tigers eye, onyx, bloodstone

  • Oils: Nutmeg, vetiver, cinnamon, myrrh, patchouli

2nd Chakra = Sacral


Located above the genitals

Relates to: creativity, healthy sensual desires

Color: Orange

  • Sound or mantra: VAM

  • Crystals: red jasper, red garnet, carnelian, ruby

  • Oils: Sandalwood, tangerine, orange, geranium

3rd Chakra = Solar Plexus


Located at the navel

Relates to: Inner strength, Self control, the seat of your power

Color: Yellow/fire

  • Sound or mantra: RAM

  • Crystals: amber, quartz, topaz, citrine, golden calcite, yellow sapphire

  • Oils: lemon, myrrh, balsam, frankincense

4th Chakra = Heart


Located in the middle of the chest

Relates to: Love, forgiveness, compassion, self-esteem

Color: Green

  • Sound or mantra: YAM

  • Crystals: emerald, green calcite, moonstone, green tourmaline

  • Oils: peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, bergamot

5th Chakra = Throat


Located in the throat area

Relates to: Communication, peaceful and healthy self expression

Color: Blue

  • Sound or mantra: HAM

  • Crystals: sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz, turquoise, quartz crystal

  • Oils: lavender, geranium, coriander, chamomile

6th Chakra = Third Eye


Located in between the eyebrows

Relates to: Intuition, insight, being open to new ideas

Color: Violet

  • Sound or mantra: OM or Sham

  • Crystals: diamond, amethyst, azurite, lapis lazuli, sodalite

  • Oils: vanilla, bergamot, lemon, orange

7th Chakra = Crown


Located at/above the top of the head

Relates to: connection with or concept of a higher being "God," the consciousness with the subconsciousness

Color: Indigo

  • Sound or mantra: OM

  • Crystals: sapphire, clear calcite, quartz, diamond

  • Oils: jasmine, rose absolute or rose otto, yang yang, frankincense

The world of Chakras is infinite.

This is just a small taste, but I hope it entices you to keep learning more!

Love, Alex

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