Art Making in the Time of Covid19

Hey y’all, so in addition to be a yoga teacher I am also a jewelry artist working mainly with gemstones and metals. I have been working from home for quite some time and you’d think that now with loads of extra free time I would have a plethora of finished collections and projects but alas during this time my jewelry muse seems to be more MIA than ever before.

Just a wild guess, probably like some of you reading this now you have a couple more plants than you did before quarantine. I have been adding houseplants to my home for about a year and a half. I’ve had a few plants for years but something clicked in 2019, I needed more green, more freshness, more life in my home. Something to tend to. Depending on how many cuttings I have in propagation on any given day I somewhere between 100-120 plants. So the obsession with plants is getting pretty serious.

Back to working from home.... while making some prism cage pendants a new idea finally popped into my head. The prism pendants are geometric wire cages that look like two pyramids, bottom to bottom with the points on either end. As I was making these gazing at a plant (as one does) I imagined a tiny air plant in one of these cages! Oooh then the visions of crystal, gemstone airplant hangers began to dance in front of my eyes. I actually set aside the pendants in favor of an airplant hanger collection! It took a while but my muse finally turned her attention towards home decor and I’m pleased with the results. I predict more home decor from with gemstone elements in the future.

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