If you're living in a box that someone - including you - put you in, this flow is for you.

The caricature of me that I often allowed myself to live in was that my intensity meant I was intimidating. But having gravitas and being openhearted, even lighthearted, are not mutually exclusive.

When I live in that box, my creativity starts to diminish, and when I am in a creative box I get real pissy, real fast. Wallowing is not cute look on me - that's for sure. And I don't like that ugly feeling of getting small because I feel uncomfortable. I don't apologize anymore about my intensity, my creativity, or my passion, AND I no longer believe that it makes me a less relatable person. In fact, when I am myself and living big, I am more relatable.

Getting into my physical body is a great way to move out the crud, slough off the residue that can build up when I'm tired, or scared, or just plain uncertain. When my mojo feels low, movement is my go-to cure. Mojo is simply another name for courage - and courage isn't operating outside of fear or uncertainty - it is operating wholeheartedly while those things exist.

If we want to live lives of contribution, if we want to have zest in our relationships, if we want to have passion for what we do, we cannot allow ourselves to live small. That doesn't mean you have to have an Oprah-sized career. Maybe big and genuine means you go deep in your relationships, or invite yourself to be immersed in your art.

Living BIG means opting IN, going deep, and believing that your own energy can be a catalyst.

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