• Molly Hall-Harvey

30 Day Challenge Check-In: Halfway Done!

We made it; we are half-way through. The finish line is in sight! If I am being honest, I have never completed a 30-day challenge. I have stopped on day three of many five-day juice cleanses. My Netflix is littered with half watched episodes of shows I could not commit to finishing. When the Practice Everywhere Summer Challenge began, I looked at the dates with a sense of dread.

Thirty days?

That is insane and impossible. But I decided to make a promise to myself and commit to the challenge

The key for me has been consistency, routine, and accountability. I go to class at the Honest Soul Yoga San Antonio studio every day at 9am, except Tuesday’s and Thursdays. On those days I follow an online video at home. I have been consistently taking upbeat vinyasa classes at the studio, while my at home practice has consisted of yin, restore, and meditation. My favorite online classes are Yin Restore with Julie and the Nidra meditation with Jennifer. However, I will be honest and say that I fell asleep during the Nidra meditation.

But it still counts!

Here are few things I have noticed about myself throughout this challenge:

Mental Changes

1. I am not yelling at cars as much. Confession time, I am probably a little tiny bit road rage-y. Lately, however, when someone cuts me off, I take a few slow deep breathes and I no longer want to yell out the window.

2. I'm integrating yoga off the mat when we need it most! I teach yoga, and it's easy to remember to breathe when things are ok. But when things aren't ok, that's when we need it most.

Habit Changes

1. Creating a habit. I guess this is a subset of Mental change, but this deserves its own category. I set a routine and stuck to it. Having that plan in advance helps.

2. Attaching that habit to something positive that feels rewarding - like sharing my journey! The biggest thing that has helped is holding myself accountable by posting to Instagram every day. There have been a number of time’s when I wanted to skip my daily practice. But because I have been so public about my participation in the challenge, I feel pushed onto my mat and am always happy when I finish. Positive peer pressure for the win :)

Physical Changes

1. I am very sore

2. I have learned that I need to drop my bottom ribs when I am in Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I). I tend to flare out my lower ribs causing my back to bend backwards.

3. I am so very sore

4. I can hold plank longer than I could fifteen days ago.

5. Have I mentioned I am sore?

What about you?

Has the challenge been difficult for you?

Have you seen any changes mentally or physically? Even though we are not in the same room, it helps me to know that I am not going through this alone. Good luck on the next 15 days.

We can do it!

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