3 LimitIng beliefs that tank your yoga biz marketing (and how to fix them!)

As Suzie and I are ramped up for Studio Summit event prep got me thinking about marketing fears and pitfalls that held me back and what I would go back and tell myself earlier in this business if I could.

Guess what?! My prior career was in advertising and social media! I did this 'ish for a living. You'd think I would have been immune to this. Nope!

The saying runs true; advertisers are the worst at promoting themselves. So I had to pretend I wasn't promoting myself, but rather a client. That's when my marketing dollars became more effective. Here are the myths I've bought into in the past and the fix for my mindset.

Myth 1: If I define my offerings I risk alienating potential audience members. This is very similar to saying you believe ‘yoga is for everybody’ as a marketing tool. Which it is not true. Yoga may be adaptable for everyone, but your audience is NOT everyone. THE FIX: Get specific about what you do who you best serve.

Myth 2: If I post too often I will annoy my audience. Without even getting into the nitty gritty of how posts are ranked let's just say this,if someone is annoyed by your post they aren't your audience anyhow. So, who cares if they unfollow? But realistically if you are truly worried about the volume of your posts just consider that the algorithms are already NOT in your favor, and the volume of messages that people receive is higher than ever. It's essential to cut through the noise. THE FIX: Offer a solution to your audience's pain points, and add value through communication

MYTH 3: People will believe my prices are too expenses. When I was first starting out, I wanted to play the price game too. But I realized my desire to offer low prices was simply a mask for my own insecurity. I wanted people to like me, and I definitely didn't want to underdeliver. So I set small rates to try and insulate myself from the potential discomfort of someone 'outing' me as not worth the price! THE FIX: Reorganize your thoughts around what a price is. It is a tactic for selling your service, not a metric for your self-worth. Simple market research will tell you what the going rate is for your services in your area. Objectively start from there.

Bonus Tip: In the yoga world it is typically a better long term strategy to set a higher end competitive rate and offer an occasional special or discount than it is to low-ball and then attempt to raise your prices later. No matter how low you go someone can always offer it cheaper.

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