Elevation Retreat

Hi, Beautiful!

Your brand could use a little more YOU.

Solopreneurs, business owners, and brand-curious women (and all who identify feminine) come together to unlock their own BEAUTY and personal power that stokes the flame in all that we do.

For 5 days we'll post up in luxury in natural and magical Costa Rica.


Break down what blocks your confidence and learn real and easy grace in front of the camera so your marketing speaks deep truth, find your voice in telling your own compelling story, ask the money and business questions you are dying to ask, get real insight personalized for your business plan, and identify the best, next project that will move your awakened business forward.


This is more than a trip down inspiration lane. Work will be done. Things will shift. Tangible outcomes will be within reach. You'll leave accelerated, in love and alive with vision, and well-primed to elevate your endeavors.

Meet Your Team

Riley Blanks

Founder :: Woke Beauty

Riley is a visual artist, model, activist and the owner of Woke Beauty. The mission of Woke Beauty is to provide an uplifting photography experience that liberates and empowers women.  


Her brand also brings together a powerful, like minded community in the form of gatherings and events, providing a space for encouragement and inspiration. 

Through Riley's transient life, she's encountered so many incredible women - many of them have been resistant to appreciating their own beauty; the very beauty she sees and loves. She is a nationally recognized talent both in front of and behind the camera portraying the natural grace, beauty, and strength that comes with femininity. 


Through Woke Beauty Riley captures the natural vibracy already alive in the women she shoots, and brings it forth with the instrument she holds dear, her camera. 

Riley resides in Austin, Texas with her beloved Fiance.

Suzie Mills

Founder :: Honest Soul Yoga

Co-Founder :: Practice Everywhere

Suzie Mills is the Founder of Honest Soul Yoga a company launched from Suzie’s basement and now an enterprise of studios in Northern Virginia poised to enter new markets.


Suzie’s desire to launch Honest Soul and share a message of women’s empowerment came from time in the US Air Force. After returning from deployment to Afghanistan Suzie recognized a deep need to find and elevate her own voice and participate fully and presently in her own healing.


Recognized as a Founder that gives back Suzie remains connected to her female-veteran roots through studio-driven programs that support women’s issues, needs of military families, and veterans.


In addition to working with her business partner Julia Lopez to expand Honest Soul Yoga nationwide and increase offerings through Practice Everywhere, Suzie is most excited about her best role as Mom to two kids raising them in Alexandria, VA.

Julia Lopez

Founder :: Practice Everywhere

Co-Founder :: Honest Soul Yoga

Julia is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and teacher trainer, personal trainer, and lifelong entrepreneur whose work is featured on Amazon Prime, WellnessPlus, and Youtube. In addition to filming coursework so people can enjoy yoga everywhere, Julia is also the branding and curriculum director for Honest Soul Yoga, which she owns with her business partner Suzie Mills.

Julia's path to sharing health, wisdom, and personal development through Yoga started young finding the practice as a teen. Before teaching full-time Julia spent a decade in advertising and marketing. Soon it was time to walk the path she was meant for her - training through the lens of yoga, inspiring people to own their life and well-being with relentless accountability and optimism. Over the years she has developed her own method and courses that are highly customizable so the person, rather than the poses, is elevated and celebrated. 

The next wave of life for Julia includes the expansion of Honest Soul Yoga locations nationwide, and increasing access to curriculum online. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two dogs. 

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Dates and enrollment coming soon. 

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