Advanced Anatomy with Jessica Carlin

Move from memorization to true understanding

"My goals are to empower and elevate yoga instructors. Why? After years of studying anatomy and movement, I noticed I began to feel more and more confused. I wasn’t taught how to sort through what I was learning and how to apply it to my practice or teaching ...

My courses are what I would have created for myself if I knew then what I know now,"


- Jessica Carlin

Do you have a difficult time applying advanced anatomy understanding into the context of a yoga class in a way that feels genuine and helpful?


Would you like to move beyond memorizing aspects of the body, or anatomy-based cues and instead have the ability to see the body and sequence to the body in a way that upholds its true miraculous nature?


Memorization-free movement education for yoga teachers was born from Jessica's decades of personal experience as yoga teacher, movement expert, as well as her own obsessive learning while being a poor memorizer.  


Why memorize rules when you can instead understand concepts for truer and more creative application?

Learning with Jessica will include: 

  • Understand advanced anatomy concepts and application rather than simply memorizing techniques.

  • Authentic learning vs listening to information

  • Critically thinking vs repeating cues or jargon



You will leave training liberated from tired anatomy 'rules' and confident to sequence and teach people in a way that supports the whole being.

About Jessica Carlin
Jessica completed her first teacher training in 2006 with Prana Vinyasa Flow creator Shiva Rea and has devoted herself to continued education ever since. In addition to advanced training in yoga and mindfulness, Jessica also hold certifications as a certified Integrative Movement Specialist™ and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Coach.

Jessica is also the co-director of The Movement Guild a 4,000 square foot space in Chicago’s West Loop that houses a community of top movement & health professionals that her husband, Adam Wolf (a Physical Therapist), and Jessica created. Together with their team, the duo actualizes a greater collective intelligence and offers a personalized (instead of one-size-fits-all) experience for all movement, training, and recovery needs. The Movement Guild fosters a safe and empowering environment that promotes complete individual wellness via Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Recovery, Yoga & Movement Classes, and Personal Training. 


(Regularly $399) $349 for early registrations before December 6.

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