Jessica Spence, CYT, CPT

She's going to kick your butt with a smile, and then bring you a donut. Jessica is a yoga teacher and personal trainer that brings her zest for life, and compassionate nature into every program she designs. Working with Jess will inspire you to see your body as a strong, capable, and incredible miracle and she will encourage you to believe in your potential. Jess's approach is a perfect balance of work and play, spicing up every class with exercise that is not only effective but also fun.

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Get with the program.

Commit to movement every day for one full week.

Each challenge workout is less than an hour.

 No excuses. You've got this!

Day 1 : Dive Right In

50 Minute Strong Flow

Day 2: Lower Body

25 Minute Lower Body Strength Essentials

25 Minute Lower Body Flow

Day 3: Cardio & Core

Jessica's Signature Cardio Blast

Day 4: Upper Body

25 Minute Upper Body Strength Essentials

25 Minute Upper Body Flow


Day 5:

Neck & Shoulder Relief


Day 6: 

Fabs Abs with Jessica 

Day 7:

50Minute Strong Class

Ready to begin?

Great! let's get started.


To get the videos you must sign-up and then you will be emailed the video links. You will also get a special email each day of the challenge with tips and information to support your week.

This is a members only challenge so be sure to login with your member info. Or if you are not yet a member begin your 7 day trial.

7 Day Sign-up!
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