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Yoga Mats

Intro to Flow: Core Strength

Alex Strawn

Are you currently active but curious about adding vinyasa yoga into your routine? Join Alex for her that help active people fall in love with yoga!

Cardio Flow: Side Bend & Twist

Julia Marie

Merge your cardio needs w/ some of your favorite yoga poses. This class targets your side body, waist line, and your hips. Grab water and towel let's get started!

Kids Yoga: Sun Salutes for Littles!

Lisa Mayfield

Little kids will love moving their body and learning Sun Salutes perfect for kids!

October Events

Owners Julia Lopez (left) and Suzie Mill


We're team P.E.,  founded by Julia Lopez and Suzie Mills, a collaboration of two friends and business partners who are yoga teachers, life coaches, business builders, and big adventurers, along with some of the best yoga, meditation, and fitness teachers ready to share their gifts with you.

Now Team P.E. has expanded with more teachers adding their work to the collective so members can tap into classes, meditations, live events, and recordings from some of the best studio-based yoga and movement teachers around. 

We're here to help you sink deeper into yourself and live your practice, everywhere!


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